Thursday, May 5, 2016

Assalamualaikum w.b.t!

Hello everyone!

23 April 2015.

Hello guys! Written above here is not the date where this post being published. It was the day that I could never forget for the rest of my life!

I have always wanted to get myself involved with volunteering or something that has to do in giving back to community. Thus, I started to organize few programmes which I believed will benefit the needy people along the way.

I am just ALLAH’s instrument. I try my level best to do my part, and the rest, I leave to ALLAH.
I believed that there’s always room for improvement in anything. I will not going to just sit back and relax although most people said that I have accomplished almost what I’ve wanted. I seek continuous self-improvement because I would like to maximise my potential.
To be honest, I have never thought about this award in the first place. 

Wanna know what I have in mind?

I just wanted to share everything that I have in order to help people. I wanted help more kids to love English so that they will stand a chance to be confidence in using it thus one day they will be able to help other people to love English as well.
It is definitely true when they say that past hardships helps to teach us on how to handle future setbacks better.

I have been going through a lot before this, especially in organising the programme and breaking all those critics that were throw at me. By receiving this award; a lot of people said that all of my hard works finally pays off. I am truly grateful for this award and I do hope that I’ll be better person that will contribute more for our nation and ummah. 

That's all for now. Till we meet again next time! :)

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