Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Reflection on Multimedia English Project : The Deadly Woods

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hello everyone!

It’s me again! So today, I would like to write a reflection on one of interesting subjects that I have learnt during my university times, which is the Multimedia English’s subject. I have taken this subject when I was in Semester 6, the lecturer for this subject would be my beautiful Madam Mahani Mohamad.

I must admit that I have discovered a lot of new information about multimedia throughout the whole semester. This was definitely beneficial as at the end of the semester, we need to form a group in six and come out with a Video Project on our own. Yes! On our own!
Meaning to say, we are the one who’s going to plan on the storyline of the story, setting, camera angle, costume and many moreee!
Thus, our team may as well to come out with a storyboard to be presented in front of the whole class before we started shooting for the video.
*oh yes, I considered writing a storyboard is a new thing to me.

After careful considerations and thoughtful discussion, we have decided to shoot our scenes at Pantai Batu Buruk woods, located nearby the seaside. We find the place was perfect for us as it is in-line with our theme and storyline.

I considered myself lucky to be honoured with an amazing groupmates, which are Fazira, Syazwani, Azzafirah, Thavamalar and Farhan  Ahlaamie as they have been very supportive throughout the making of our video project.

So here we goes, the tittle for our video would be…..

Yes, The Deadly Woods is the title for our video project.

It tells a story on how a group of students were given a task form their lecturer. The task needed them to take a very beautiful picture so that their group would get the highest marks and thus their pictures will be displayed in the next exhibition in their university.
All of them believed that the famous mystery woods would be the perfect place for their photo shooting. Little did that they know there are a lot unresolved mysteries in there and it has been said that people who went in there had never came out alive. Although they have been reminded by one of their teammates, Wani, who actually believed that something awful, might have happened in the woods, as accordance to the name of the woods itself.
Nevertheless, they would not want to believe it as they said it was just rumours and decided to go there anyway. Then, something really bad started haunting them and one of them lost their priceless lives tragically. And yes, at the end of it, no one actually survived.

All of us actually decided to use our own name for the characters in the story. My role in the story was as Bella, who is the main lead of the story. She was the one who suggested the place and definitely was the most eager person to go there. She was the person who discovered her friends’ body one by one, and she knows something that not right is going on in the wood. She wanted to find out the truth and managed to face the psychopath who had been the reason for no people had survived in there. Nevertheless, she never could have made it alive as well. And the mystery shall remain in the woods.  

Wanna know how does that happen? Here’s the link and take your time to watch it!
Enjoy! *wink

I would say that is the toughest yet wonderful experience I have ever had in shooting for a video. This is simply because; I need to shoot in the woods, which located nearby the main road, which a lot of car and stranger’s passes by. Not just that, I need to run on the sandy beach, lays on the sand and even need to make myself fall for few times.

But after all, I think we did an excellent job!

Oh yes, I am not that good in multimedia and handling gadgets. But with this English multimedia subject, I have been able to learn abundance useful tips and techniques, such as there are different angles in taking photos and how does it convey the message to the viewers, the rule of third which help the picture to be centralize and many more! Will definitely keep that in mind and use it in the future.

So long, till we meet in the next entry! :)

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