Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Author

Assalammua'laikum wbt.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog which specially designed for BKE 4083- Media Integrative's class. This blog is created as one of the subject's requirement. So, let's wait no more. We'll start with my personal background.

My name is Nur Fatin Nabila binti Abd Rahman, where Nur means 'light/guidance', Fatin means 'beauty' and Nabila means 'intelligent'. 
My mom told me that she got the idea for my name was after her performing Subuh's prayer. 
I believed that my beloved parents choose that name for me because they wanted me to become someone who can contribute more for the religion and nation.

And you can call me Bella Bella Bella. Ehhh, no, just kidding! You can call me either Nabila or Bella. Oh yes, I have got this Bella's nickname since i was in secondary school. 

Wanna know what happened? 

Most of my friends said my face resembles much as the actress named Elly Mazlein, and she was shooting the drama entitled 'Bella' at the moment which being aired on Tv3.

I have accepted the nickname as it bring a lovely meaning which is 'beautiful'. 

For your information, I have only two siblings, which include me and my brother! He would be the person I'll fight with and the person whom I share million good and bad stories! 

I am currently 23 years old, and I do looking forward to achieve more success in the future.  
I have few plans in my mind now, and perhaps I'll let you guys know in my next entry. *wink

Lastly, i wanted to share a quote and i do hope it'll help to booster up your day.

" Cheerfulness, harmony and love- these are the basics of living successfully. Do not dwell on the past, welcome each day new day POSITIVELY instead. Remember, real beauty is when you love yourself. Have fun in what you are doing now. "

Have a good day, people! See you soon! :)

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